Inside The Short Wave Radio Enigma (feat. Eloisa Manera, violin)

From an old satellite abandoned in space a signal of a mysterious violin melody has broadcast since the high-water days of the Cold War. But why?
For at least the decade leading up to 1992, it broadcast almost nothing but beeps switched to a lo-fi violin record, each lasting roughly a minute, but the balance of the airtime was filled by a steady, almost maddening, series of inexplicable tones….

According to a study by the musicologist A. Cattivelli, the violin sound could be a fragment of the solo concert of violinist Eloisa Manera recorded at Exposition de Charleroi (1911)

The Short Wave Radio has been captured by researcher I. Poletti, in june 1989 at the Teriyaki SW Radio Observatory

Illustration: “U.S. doubts” by Enrico Mitrovich (Museum für Moderne und Astronomische Kunst, Berlin, 1996)